I don't wanna burst anyone's bubble but having actually been to Europe they have a lot of the same problems America does.

Like moving to Norway ain't gonna solve 99% of your problems and will create a billion more lmao

Things that exist in Europe in just as great of numbers as the US:

* Pro-lifers
* Religious people
* People who hate trans people
* People who think queer people should just be quiet
* People who really believe giving up freedom can make them safer
* CCTV (actually, more)
* Doctors who gatekeep the fuck out of everything
* Medical insurance (yes, really!)
* Shitty infrastructure (though their trains are better, a lot of public transit is busses now...)
* Poor people

Also in Europe:

* Surveillance state
* Shitholes run by shitty landlords
* Landlords
* Gas prices that will make you scream (way worse than the US)
* Draconian regulations on getting your license (far worse than the US)
* Capitalism is still king
* Living off welfare still fucking sucks

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This is why I'm not gonna move there unless shit gets real. Like what, I'm trading one set of problems for another, and I get to find out what it's like to be an immigrant. Which I'm sure in this age of resurgent fascism is absolutely not unpleasant not at all.

Also if you think America has an Islamophobia problem, even "centrist" and "liberal" politicians are of the attitude that "they have to adapt to our way of life" and so a lot of places openly ban religious symbols, which btw is absolutely unthinkable in the US even with how shitty it is.

And yeah. As an American you're going to be an *immigrant* in Europe. You will never be "one of them." You will never be "first-class." Try too little to integrate and you're "not trying to fit in" hard enough. Try too much and you'll get accused of cultural appropriation.

@Elizafox The narrative pushed by tankies and fascists always was that america is the only bad state, I'm not surprised a lot of people think that it is better in other places. I wish poland was even half as progressive as the average american

@Elizafox re: gas prices: americans are moaning about gas prices Germans could only dream of for the last two decades

and ours went up too

public transport fares bullshit in Germany 

@Elizafox and public transport is fucking expensive, any journey over 4 bus/tram stops here in Augsburg costs €3.20 if you buy a one-way ticket

a monthly pass subscription valid for the city and the immediate suburbs costs 57,50€/month

the catch? it's not valid for Königsbrunn, the suburb immediately to the south, and I live in the south

so the pass would cost me €86

but as I don't really need to ride before nine, I pay €39.40 for a variant that's only valid after 9AM

also, regional railways consider the scheduled time, not the actual time. Once I had a ticket valid after 9 (this is common for off-peak tickets), and it was already past nine and the delayed previous train came. I boarded it. The fare inspectors gave me a stern talking because the ticket isn't valid on that train because it's scheduled to go before nine. This hostile interpretation of the 9 AM rule is probably buried in some long-ass terms and conditions nobody would think to read BECAUSE THEY WOULD EXPECT A TICKET THAT SAYS VALID AFTER 9 TO BE ACTUALLY VALID AFTER 9

and I got off lucky, me and my mom could've gotten a €60 fine and a criminal record each

basically, expensive, complicated fares, and if you make a mistake while navigating hostilely designed and interpreted terms, you get a fine and a criminal record

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