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A couple good apps to try, both available on @fdroidorg right now:

@AndStatus - Fantastic offline support, though somewhat limited on offline support. - Very fully featured and well polished app, great for folks with reliable data coming from other networks

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When you're first getting started, it's a good idea to check the "Other" section in Preferences, and select the languages of posts you want to read.

Search engine indexing is also disabled by default, if you wish to opt in to indexing, you can set here as well.

If you don't wish your posts to stick around forever, try going to and set those options.

If you're not regularly logging in but would like to get notified by email when something happens, try going to (email notifications are off by default).

Are you in ? Want to move to an up and coming instance? Feel free to give us a signup or ask one of our users to send you an invite!

We're still accepting new users, however, approvals may be delayed while our mods have lives.

You can use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on Mastodon by going to:

Preferences > Account > Two Factor Auth > Click "Set Up" and follow the instructions

It is compatible with TOTP authentication apps such as Aegis Authenticator, Google Authenticator and lots of others.

#MastoTips #FediTips #2FA #TwoFactorAuthentication #InfoSec

Sign ups are open. Please make it in some way obvious you're in green country when you apply, or ask a current user for an invitation.

Just rejected a signup from an open HTTP proxy and a throw-away email address. If this was your signup and you're not a spammer, please feel free to sign up again in a way that isn't so fishy.

If you are receiving DMs from someone called "AliceXXX" with links, please don't click on the link!

Report them by clicking on "..." below the message, and also select the option to forward the report to the home instance.

#Spam #Fediverse

Busy night for moderation. Check your queues if you haven't recently.

F-Droid is a free open source app store for Android devices which only includes privacy-friendly FOSS apps. You can follow at:

➡️ @fdroidorg

The F-Droid app store can be installed from the official site at

Google Play has been removing Fediverse apps recently, seemingly without explanation. It is really important that we have independent and accountable alternatives like F-Droid.

#FDroid #AppStores #Apps #FOSS #Android #Smartphones #Tablets #GooglePlay #Alternatives

Just did some moderation, apparently there were several reports that didn't make it into the queue. Please use the Report tool in the menu on posts to report things for moderation.

City of Utilities is on holiday trash and recycling pickups this week due to the icy conditions. There is no trash or recycling pickup on Monday, February 15.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is highly discouraging travel today. Dangerous and life-threatening situations are likely to occur should drivers become stranded in the storm.

All Tulsa Transit service has been suspended for Sunday, February 14. Please see for details.

The National Weather Service at has issued a Winter Storm Warning. Please visit for details.

Hey, , you can help make disappear! Everyone who lives in Oklahoma can sign up at

@jollyrogue Feel free to get your profile set up so folks know a bit about you! Welcome!

While you're there, might consider checking your notification settings as well. By default, we don't email you very much at all.

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@tyr Could you check your relay? seems to be an all-bot instance. None seem to have the bot flag raised and it's just twitter mirrors of accounts that tend to fall into the political propaganda and Bitcoin scam categories.

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