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Third vehicle stolen since the start of the pandemic. Let's get it back. 2017 Electra Amsterdam. It's a heavy bitch so it's not going fast.

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If you're out and about today please keep your eyes peeled for a 1997 Chevy C2500 Silverado, Oklahoma plate ETR161, it's maroon with LED lights. It was stolen last night. Please call 911 if you see it.

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Thinking about this more... Just quad track the existing rail drawbridge, slap a sidewalk and cycleway on it and call it good. The MAX gets two tracks, the private freight operator and Amtrak get the other two tracks and it's a done deal until the cycleway or railroad needs additional capacity

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Talked to a lady who works for the tax authority yesterday. Based on her job experience, her take on the welfare state is something like this:
"Of course there will always be freeloaders. So what?! This is about dignity. Everyone has a right to a good life and to be supported when they're struggling. If you want that, you've got to live with the freeloaders. Leave them be. That's the price you pay for a society where everyone is taken care of. It's not like they're doing any damage in the big picture - I've run those numbers more than once. You'll always get more out of it for society at large when you're incentivising good performance than when you're punishing people."

Reasor's sent me an email blast that had the subject "Baloo, savor the taste of Oklahoma!"

I'm like, "uuuh, no. I know where it's been."

It's incredibly hot on my floor largely because the dockers won't close the loading doors at the end of the hall.

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This was a fun one! Chibi commission for @davidwolfpaw of their character Bowie as a Tamagotchi 🐶


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If you find yourself boosting an instance run by some Neoliberal goofball who cosplays as a Tin-Plated Billionaire "Hero," please delete your account and consult a physician immediately.

Every time I post a photo of computers I had growing up, people come out of the woodwork to tell me they had the exact same desk.

It must have been a massively big seller at Office Depot back then.

Wear an "I voted" sticker on random Tuesdays and see who is actually paying attention.

Happy * Holy * 😋

Alles noch so ungewohnt, aber ich maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag 🍀

Graw... Graw... Grawww 🤗

#furry #furryfandom #dragon #fursuit #kigurumi #kigu

Oklahoma adopted its first state flag in 1911 which featured a field of red and a single white star.

Within #OpenStreetMap, I've been promoting the #fed
iverse/#mastodon for years, and I'm glad to see another step forward like this.


Open Social Media at OpenStreetMap:
The OSMF is pleased to financially support the mastodon service (It's like twitter but on open internet protocols)


Damnit enable tap to pay on your terminals so I don't have to dig my physical card out like it's 2015.


Always good to see #OpenStreetMap based maps in the wild, especially when the attribution is correct. #publictransport. I'm tracking one of the bus lines while typing.


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