I tried to use an elevator in the oldest building on campus and I triggered the overweight alarm and it refused to close the doors until I got off. Nobody else was on the elevator and it's never done that to me before... Still ego bruising. I'm down to 100kg after losing some weight during the pandemic, too.

US political priorities 

Good to know that we're focusing on the important stuff like , , , and . I'm sure that *checks notes* reversing Trump's order for government buildings be built in classical architecture is totally a step in that direction. πŸ™„

Super hoping Tulsa Utilities actually runs garbage service tomorrow since we haven't had a pickup since February 3 at this point. Garbage still has room but we're basically out of places to put recycling and we're still trying to get through the backlog of recycling from moving in.

Just managed to run into a normally unlocked door that was locked this time...

Whoa... So if the unit of fame is a warhol, where you're famous for 15 minutes, then called it quits when they hit one megawarhol of fame

Macromedia circa 1997: " and is the future! No need for Java anymore!"

circa 2021: "And believe me I am still alive! I'm doing science and I'm still alive! I feel fantastic and I'm still alive! And when you're dead I'll still be alive!"

The snowplows have managed to remove the last 10 years worth of pothole patches on Utica Avenue. Maybe this means we're finally going to get a repave on it, since it needed it after the last big blizzard a decade ago.

Tulsa Public Schools is talking about going back to in person learning this week. I expect we'll see a big spike and be back to remote learning by my birthday.

Watching 60 Minutes and hearing folks starting to admit they were conned by and saying that out loud now. I'm thinking the rest of us are saying, "yeah, you were, and y'all were duped into committing murder and sedition in the process. Have you tried not being such a terrible and gullible person?"

I feel like this should be possible given that a software programmable radio is only a few bucks these days and a computer monitor is generally only the panel you want wrapped in the cheapest amount of plastic and steel they can get away with...

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Kinda want to buy a new that's a little bigger. Is it possible to buy a stupid TV that's just a computer monitor with an ATSC tuner built-in in 2021?

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