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If you're out and about today please keep your eyes peeled for a 1997 Chevy C2500 Silverado, Oklahoma plate ETR161, it's maroon with LED lights. It was stolen last night. Please call 911 if you see it.

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Please be kind, I'm often away from the network and read chronologically on , so may be prone to firehosing the timeline when I get connectivity or replying some time after the initial post.

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Keep seeing tourism ads for and I'm just like "Could you fucking not?"

Normally, I'd be all over saying, please, come visit Oklahoma and explore, but right now? Not a good time.

Trees lewd? 

@RobinHood putting a big condom over a cottonwood tree

My favorite line from the Wikipedia article on homosexuality in animals:

“No species has been found in which homosexual behaviour has not been shown to exist, with the exception of species that never have sex at all, such as sea urchins and aphis.” BIG SEATTLE NEWS: the seattle city council FINALLY decided to pass a bill that will tax large businesses in the area in order to generate revenue for affordable housing and social services. this has been a long-ass time coming

Compressor on the air conditioner in the Kodiak shit itself, so replacing that while I've already got it in the shop for tired. $1500 later...

That was some full blown exhaustion sleep there.

July 4th is a special day for my partner @squiiks and myself. We were supposed to be celebrating at Anthrocon, but of course, that can't happen this year due to the pandemic. Instead, I commissioned poodlewool on Twitter for this absolutely beautiful piece commemorating just a few of the precious moments we've shared together!

Read more:

#furryart #commission #anthro #fursona #watercolor #furrycouple #furry

Thanks to whoever mentioned Animalympics ( @kensanata ?)

Vintage 1980 #animation with delights for #furry people, no doubt. I’m not into sport, save climbing, but the hand wrought graphics and music by 10cc will delight anyone of a certain age.

Just woke up from a nap, feeling a little less out of my own head.

Just woke up feeling like I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown

Like, "Oh honey no, this isn't quite what you think it means" but also "this is endearing for reasons that make make me uncomfortable."

Haven't been involved in Scouting for a while, but I'd like to get back involved in it if I could be of help. Can't be the only Scout(er) struggling with identity issues being native and queer.

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It's a wildly shit take on Delaware/Cherokee/Choctaw/Lakota/Dakota culture. No doubt on that. But the fact that it is almost indisputably positive if not romantic, is that a bad thing? I feel like I should say yes, but also no, but also...something widely else that doesn't fit in the character limit in the slightest. It's confusing.

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I'm honestly torn. Reason being, is OA riffing hardcore on multiple tribes cultures? Yes, absolutely massively. Are they also riffing Lakota, Dakota and Delaware culture in particular to form an honor program? Also definitely. Is it accurate? Well, the Delaware language preservation is a positive aspect. The rest? About as accurate as the indians in Disney's Peter Pan.

100% traditionally accurate or not, I'm not quite fast to erase this.

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I'm an Ordeal Arrowman myself and I'm honestly...not sure how this should end. Honestly it seems like Scouting in North America is hitting it's logical conclusion (sadly, I really enjoyed Scouting), and it's labor union/honor program (it is honestly both depending on age) tends to (often inaccurately, usually to the spoof of Lakota and Dakota people) but honestly trying) to honor Delaware roots.

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Glad to see the Order of the Arrow is asking Lakota, Dakota and Delaware people (OA is extrordinarly loosely based on a wide conglomeration of about 100 indigeonous people's common values with an official language of Delaware, so I can only get so butthurt to the point that There Was An Attempt⭐) on how to revise their program or whether it should just end.

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