@natecull @dredmorbius @zens What if SQLite was just the front end, and behind that SQLite managed the raw block devices?

Ceph does this. There is the ceph frontend and behind it are services which manage the raw devices.

This would be a lot easier in a microkernel where different services communicate with the FS service over IPC.

@natecull BeFS did this. A file browser window could be setup to run a query, and it could then be saved as a folder for later use.

Many others have tried, and many others have failed. A FS as database was supposed to be a big feature of Windows Longhorn, for instance.

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I absolutely LOVE this Brian Eno quote a friend posted on FB

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The intent of the GDPR was to improve people's privacy online but the effect of it was every website now just has an annoying pop-up asking you to accept all cookies, and you have to click manage my cookies and uncheck everything and then click ok, and you have to do this every time because websites for some reason refuse to remember your preferences

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RT @DBakaba@twitter.com

Arkane Lyon is looking for a visionary (wink) Lead Level Designer to collaborate with @DanaENight@twitter.com and I in shaping the future of our award winning LD team. Please reach out to me or jobs.zenimax.com/ ! Lyon preferred, remote considered, RTs and tagging appreciated!🧡🖤

🐦🔗: twitter.com/DBakaba/status/152

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Does anyone know what's happened to the Tiny Spark podcast and host Amy Costello?

It is (or was) a production of Nonprofit Quarterly, and was IMO hugely useful for a candid view inside the nonprofit / NGO / charitable world.

Both have been silent since December 2021.

NPQ aren't responding to multiple email requests.



Boosts welcomed.

#TinySpark #NonprofitQuarterly #AmyCostello #NGOs #NGO #Podcasts #Nonprofits #Charity #Philanthropy

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@stman @frostwolf @cynicalsecurity and computer and software engineers have failed at making computing accessible. they've climbed to the treetop and let down a flimsy rope ladder called "bootcamps". the separation between developer and user is a big lie, a kind of feudal castle-building.

@BalooUriza Car prices are still nuts. If anyone has something to sell, they should sell it.

nuclear energy, disappointed 

Nuclear energy promised us all weird mutations, and they never happened.

I feel kind of cheated.

@feld @256 ATT lobbies the standards board to rename 4G to 6G. 😆

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My main shop at plotterprints.ca is still active, and has hundreds of prints for you to peruse. I'm not in love with Square (the shop host), though, so am looking around for alternatives.

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tech, frustrations, profanity, anger 

Today's tech frustration is finding ISPs who can provide business Internet with decent speeds to a downtown office in a medium sized city.

1st problem is the office building which was picked for aesthetics well before I got here. The next problem is there are 2 "good" ISP options for small business Internet. 3rd, ISPs guard their coverage areas like a gd state secret.

Tomorrow's frustration, probably the banks and the lack of a financial data API.

re: software take 

@jalefkowit They are not. :(

Toot! on my phone is still provides the best Fedi experience.

@yogthos Wouldn't the other monkeys beat the one monkey hording the bananas into a red pulp then put the pulp on the cover of Forbes, or whatever magazine the monkeys have?

software take 

Looking for a Linux desktop Fedi client, and trying Tootle again.

It's still bad.

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so! do you know a (go) library which validates and and allows to compares Unicode (user) names and hostnames?

here's my idea for criteria:

accept Unicode
reject emoji (for accessibility reasons)
reject duplicated alphabets, such as acbdefg vs abcdefg for safety reasons
reject mixing of aphabets, such as: abсdе (this is a mix of Latin and Cyrillic) before word boundaries
this allows: @мина@миинаа.sr for instance
but i want to reject something like: @мееиа@example.org because it is too similar to @meena@example.org

do you know of something like this?

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Elon Musk, Sexual Assault 

Remember how Musk has been howling about "the woke mind virus" and how he's "under attack" in the last few days?
I think I know why, now:


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