@ariadne I think they thought they could repeat what First Watch is doing but... Nope.

@BalooUriza i feel like experimenting with business models post-COVID isn’t a great strategy

@ariadne I mean, the breakfast diner concept is pretty established. But you either need several large senior living establishments within walking distance or be open all day for it to pay off.

@BalooUriza @ariadne Wildflower Cafe, Queenie’s, and the Bramble do really well.

Rise might have been better off downtown where most things close at 2pm. 7am-2pm in the Shiloh’s or Oklahoma Joe’s location would be good for them.

@jollyrogue Queenie's is also open for lunch (I know this offhand because it's across the street from my office and occasionally I get treated to lunch there by doctors).

Honestly I kinda think we got the "breakfast joint" situation covered between the various Daylight Donuts affiliated cafes that are usually done for the day by 9AM and the 24-hour diners.



@BalooUriza @ariadne QT food is gross. The hotdogs are good, but everything else tastes off to me.

@jollyrogue The donuts are good, too, but yeah, most of the QT Kitchens menu is kinda crap.


@BalooUriza @jollyrogue i think one should have low expectations for gas station food

@ariadne @BalooUriza Except for Allsup’s. Allsup’s food is delicious, and I will die on that hill… at least several times. 😁

@BalooUriza @ariadne Their donuts are too wet and stale.

Asian owned Daylight Donuts are the best donuts.

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