Giving kids Chromebooks in schools is like serving them candy for lunch. It’s something you’d do if you were either clueless or hated their guts.

What I’m trying to say is stop normalising surveillance in schools, you absolute muppets.

@aral A lot of schools are forced to buy laptops for their students and Chromebooks tend to be the cheapest. It’s that simple. School’s don’t tend to really consider the software that’s on it.

@SuperDicq Interesting. Because @Pine64 Pinebook Pros are cheaper. And they don’t spy on you.

@aral When you get to this point marketing becomes an issue. School’s probably don’t even know of the existence of Pinebooks.

I’m very sure you could market Pinebooks to schools, they seem well suited for school work as they totally able to run a web browser and word processor.

I think currently Pine64 would not able to supply schools with Pinebooks, they do not produce enough units yet and they also are not yet able to provide adequate support to be used in a school environment. schools use windows and or Chromebooks because they're really easy to remote manage and make accounts for (there's so many experts for windows domains and Google makes it really easy)
I would like to use Linux and some remote management/LDAP/policy but I've found almost no info on how to get remote home folders working, how to deploy policies, configuration files, etc and so Windoes simply works better....
I have never tried chromebooks, but from what I've seen the remote management is simple (Google Workspace)

@kayden @SuperDicq @aral This is spot on. It’s the tech stack associated with the Chrome and Windows which provides the value.

Sure the Pinebook is cheaper, but schools can hire people off the street who can press a button to make the Chromebook/Windows work.

There are efforts to close the gap. Foreman, FreeIPA, and FleetCommander fill in the stack. Beyond that, config management like Puppet, Ansible, Salt, or Rex are the tools to look at for provisioning.


@kayden @SuperDicq @aral The schools also don’t have to host the servers with O365 or Google, which is a win for them.

I like *nix systems, I run Linux on my desktop, I manage Linux systems professionally, and I’d like to see it more widely adopted as a desktop in education.

Home config sync is something I would like to see FreeIPA pick up.

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