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H&H Electronics liquidation auction.
Over 275 Lots of Remaining Inventory of Electronics, Shelving, RCA Collectibles, Tools, Pinball Machines, Office Supplies, Holiday Decorations, and 18 Pieces of Original Welded Metal Art Sculptures by Artist Randy Haggard.

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Taper: an online literary magazine for small computational pieces, published by Bad Quarto.

Call for Work for Issue 8, with the theme of 8-Bit Nostalgia by April 1st

The 8-bit era was characterized by remarkable creativity in working with constraints, something Taper seeks to emulate. We seek works inspired by 8-bit computing, music, games, graphic art, character sets as well as the number of bits that constitute a
byte and its multiple representations.

We also welcome submissions that address cultural associations of the number 8, such as fortune in Chinese and other Asian cultures, holiness in Japanese culture, and other religious associations.

Alternatively, works could address abstract aspects of the number eight, such as its relations to geometrical figures (cubic vertices, octagons), the symmetry of the number, how it becomes the symbol of infinity when rotated, or its impact on poetic forms (octosyllabic lines, various kinds of octameter, octets, octaves, etc).

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Helping a friend look for work, boosts appreciated 

Does anyone out there know of somewhere that might be looking to hire an incredibly talented and hard-working self-taught developer for a junior role? I’ve got a good friend I can vouch for 100% who has major chops but not much of a resume yet.

His background is Rails & React web apps but he could probably learn anything. He is willing to relocate.

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**It’s Time for Biden to Keep His Promises on Marijuana**

"Politicians are no strangers to making campaign promises. Delivering on those promises? Well, that’s often another story. Such is the case thus far with President Biden’s campaign pledge to reform America’s archaic and unpopularmarijuana prohibition laws. “No one should be in jail because of marijuana,” …"

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Hey recruiters, take no for an answer. I know this is presumptuous, but between the two of us, I probably know the industry better and have a better grasp on my skill set. 😑

Also, leave details in any voicemails. I’m not replying to “Hey Baby” calls anymore.

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Thanks to following the @ScienceDaily bot on mastodon, I recently learned that Mexican food, with its many uses for different hot peppers, may be one of the world's oldest cuisines.

Plus, most pre-Columbian protein apparently came from easy-to-harvest insects like ants, grasshoppers, manuey worms, & jumil bugs. There was also super useful blue algae that was harvested with nets.

I collated more information about the history of food for my newsletter if you're curious:

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thinking about how our society is totally fine with giving huge amounts of tax dollars to corporations for free but wrings its hands over poor people using food stamps to buy junk food

the poor should only eat oatmeal and plain beans. they should not be given anything that might give them the slightest moment's joy

joy is for closers

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The new scientific method:
>get paid to find a conclusion
>do whatever you can to achieve it
>if you fail, throw out the results and rig it until it works
>hide your methods behind a $150 paywall
>cancel whoever attempts to replicate your study and fails as a science-denying chud
>your "donators" proceed to run your conclusion on every MSM they can find to push their agenda
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hey, guys. I hate to ask but I’m going through a rough time. My mom and I have been sick and it’s taken a toll on my check. Rent is paid and I had to pay an extra $700. So I have about $150 to last until next payday which is 2 weeks away and I’m kinda freaking out. We haven’t been to the grocery store in about a week since we both have what might be covid.
If anyone could spare anything, I would be so grateful.
Cashapp: $phoenyx40
PayPal: @phoenyx405 /

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We construct our reality, and begin with the spark of imagination. Without it, we can do nothing.

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The Matrix™ branded protein sludge (unflavored)

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Do any of our followers know anyone we could interview who took part in the 1972 building workers' strike?

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In Iowa city, Chomp, a food delivery app owned as a cooperative has outcompeted the tech giants.

It provides an exciting model for restaurants to bounce back from the pandemic, with six cities across the US seeking to replicate their success.

This is the first issue of a weekly newsletter about cooperative success stories and ideas about the future of the movement.

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There's a chip in the Apple IIgs that is basically an Apple II in one chip. It's used for various tasks but not to actually be an Apple computer.

This guy ripped the chip out of a IIgs and attempted to find out if the chip, properly wired, would boot as a full computer (spoiler it actually does)
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i have decided on the basis of zero research and zero evidence that the crowning of the beatles as the Best Band Ever was cooked up in the mid-70s by white music journalists who were scared of stevie wonder

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Just saw the headline: "What the average citizen can do about the demise of US democracy"

Ah, yes, the individual consumer habit changes approach to fighting fascism.

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Anyone know of examples of someone liquidating most of their assets (401k, savings, investments, etc) and eliminating ALL of their debts (Student loan, Credit Card, medical, etc) and having enough to live on for two or three years while getting their mental health in order and considering/preparing for a new career path?

Asking for me.


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me realizing i dont know jackshit about how p2p works, neither the OG stuff nor the modern stuff

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