Murder, death 

Another houseless person has been hanging out around the skiatook Casey's.
Jack and his dog was the last houseless person in Skiatook, a great dude, was abandoned. Some dickhead in a huge truck ran him and his dog over Infront of the Bulldog Pizza.
I can't help but be very very scared for this new arriver.

Really fuckin bummed about them putting that big gator to sleep in Claremore D:

was just in the witch shop in Owasso. Dead silence and I was looking over the counter clerk to look at their jars of stuff.
They make eye contact and say, "Hi! How are you?"
I say back, "I'm good! How are you?"

Dead silence. Nothing. Not any kind of acknowledgement that I said anything. My agoraphobia was like 👍 time to leave.
So I just walked out.
Fun time.

negative, body image, food, toxic family 

Mistake made: eating fucking anything Infront of family.

Tulsa police are wilding out tonight be careful

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New Ko-fi shop listing for my vent artwork from yesterday. Thank you for looking! ☁️


#traditional #artforsale

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✨Selling my antique frame scry mirror ✨

An 11 x 14" antique frame repurposed as a scrying mirror. Hand painted solid black, and securely fixed with copper wiring some black tourmaline and amethyst.

I'm asking $60 shipping included. USA only sorry :c

If no takers it's going to a local witch shop

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I've launched my side Kofi for witch stuffs and tools. I only have Green Salt Powder currently listed but hopefully more to come.


#witch #spiritual

Finally got to check out Boulevard Trash in Tulsa. Glad I did. Probably going to check them out more often.

Probably going to have to take out a personal loan for either surgery or a complete set up for work.

Hm. Work? Or health? Work? Health?

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stream, self promo, Dark Souls item randomizer 

Starting real soon on with more Dark Souls Item Randomizer, see you there <3

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✨ Spiritualist persons!
I'm giving away this Prosperity Green Salt Powder. I grew the raised and dried the herbs myself right in my window sill to make it.

I'm planning on selling these at some point but it seems a lot of people need some luck currently. It can be used for spell jars, money bowls, intention circles, etc.

The powder is sealed so it will be activated to the opener.
If you live in the USA and would use this tool in your practice PLEASE DM me!

#witchcraft #diy #prosperity #spell

Was hoping to get enough time before work to take a shower but I guess I'll do it on my lunch real quick

Someone in Skiatook hit and ran (murdered) the only homeless man in Skiatook and his dog Valentine yesterday. Killed them both.
They were walking across the street from Bulldog Pizza.
I hate this town of soulless, fake Christian shit bags.

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Lewd, sexual act 

When u have to blow ur nose after giving aggressive head

Why is it when I need cardboard there is never any cardboard

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