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It’s been a week. This stuff really wants to linger. I was hoping to be back in the office today, not the case. No energy. Just because, test again, yep still positive.

Really tired of being sick. Thought I was feeling better, then ... nope.

The coughing has started to subside and the body aches have gone away, but I’m exhausted. Feel like I want to sleep all day. Sounds like a plan.

Feeling a little better, but just when I thought I could sit quietly for a few minutes, Covid enters the room, grabs me by the collar, and says, “Who said you could stop coughing?!”

SoonerPoll pulled down their other article about the Governor Poll. 🤔

So I’m guessing this is, what, day 3 of being Ill. At home today (obviously). Trying to get work done remotely, but it’s difficult. I’m coughing sore now. Covid is sooo much fun.

Fully vaccinated and boosted. Can likely blame coworkers and Walmart shoppers who went to the rodeo. Sigh. Guess it was just my turn.

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Crap! I rolled a 1. Tested positive. Great.
Dry cough and achy, but no fever.

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