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I might post the text in the blog, but link to the newsletter for all the extra stuff. 🤔

Any suggestions?

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Debating if I want to keep mirroring the newsletter on the blog. If I do I basically have to create two versions, one for Revue the other for blog. 🤔

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Fixed a few display issues on the podcast website

Had a few Bootstrap framework version incompatibilities. All fixed now.

Really feel for our UK neighbors. Stay safe friends.

UK heatwave: Hottest day of the year as temperatures exceed 35C

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Watch for symptoms. Stay hydrated and take breaks out of the sun.

Heat exhaustion is no joke. Been there, done that, not fun at all.

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My work office on a typical Oklahoma summer sits between 25° and 29° C depending on the air conditioning’s mood.

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A Good Guide to Learning Celsius.
0 is Ice
10 is Cold
20 is Nice
30 is Hot
40 is Why do I live here

Blog Oklahoma Podcast website is now updated

Finally upgraded to a newer Bootstrap framework.

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