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In partnership and support of the Tulsa Historical Society, Mythic Press has created a t-shirt to help raise funds to restore the Majorie Tallchief statue that was stolen and vandalized.

Watching the weather.
Most of under tornado watch.

Ryan Hall, Y'all - Live Weather Coverage

They've made their goal of $15K. That's great news.

(Note: Shared the fundraiser link on r/oklahoma and it got pulled down)

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It looks like they are almost to their goal. I donated. 👍🏻

Heard about the latest updates to #Comixology?

If you're not happy with them, here are some alternatives for readers and creators, after Amazon’s recent changes to their digital comic service. All DRM-free, so you get to actually own your comics!

Unfortunately no recording today. Allergies got me. No voice for it.

Oh well will use extra time to clean up the script and work on tomorrow’s newsletter.

tulsahistorymuseum - Our beloved statue of Marjorie Tallchief was stolen, likely on the night of Friday, April 29th. We are currently working with the Tulsa Police Department but appreciate any tips or information. You can contact us at, 918-712-9484, or contact the police directly.

They were delicious but they only helped me take a nap. So much for writing today. Maybe something will trigger inspiration later tonight.

After such a productive writing day yesterday, my brain has decided to take the day off.

I had hoped to finish up the podcast script today, but I'm just sitting here staring at the text. Argh!

Maybe this large jar full of cheese balls will help my mood.

Had a bit of time today and 1,154 words later the main topic of the next Blog Oklahoma Podcast is finished. Now to work on the secondary topic. Fingers crossed for a new episode this weekend.

The Great Circumference Road Trip would take you over 25 hours.

Kenton > Quapaw > Tom > Hollis > Guymon

Quite a challenge to keep Google Maps from leaving the state.

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