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Go Vote Tomorrow. There are no small elections.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 7AM - 7PM
Board of Education General Election, Statutory Municipal Elections, and Special Elections

If you're looking for Oklahoma News, please feel free to check out this list I put together of all sorts of Oklahoma newspapers, TV, radio, and blogs.

Remember support your local news.

COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment

All residents of Oklahoma, age 16 and older, are now eligible for vaccine appointments. Phases 1-4 of the vaccine distribution plan are now open.


Spotify enters live social audio with acquisition of Locker Room - Axios -

Locker Room is a live social audio app where fans can talk about sports. Spotify said in a statement that in coming months, it will "evolve and expand" Locker Room into "an enhanced live audio experience for a wider range of creators and fans," including in genres like music, and cultural programming.

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