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Debating if I want to launch a few sub sites under Currently don't have access to any Linux servers (might later though). Would have to use a host service. Is that within budget? Hmm. Hobby getting expensive. Ha.

Before cable and streaming here in Oklahoma we had the OETA Movie Club hosted by B. J. Wexler. Our family watched many movies, enjoyed his movie trivia, and his sharing photos and letter from viewers. A real icon in Oklahoma TV. Rest in peace and thank you.

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The Lost Ogle:
> Our deepest thoughts and condolences go out to B.J.’s family, friends and everyone who wrote him letters over the years. If you’re holed up this weekend staying away from snow and the bitter cold, grab a tub of popcorn, get comfortable on the couch, and watch an old classic movie in his honor. Maybe even listen to the Gremlins theme a few hundred times while you’re at it.

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Gov. Stitt gives an update on the COVID-19 vaccine effort in Oklahoma. February 11, 2021

Next phase for all teachers and people with comorbidities after Feb 22.

RT WEEKEND SNOW UPDATE! There is potential for some big snow this weekend. Two rounds: Fri PM into Sat & Sun into Mon AM. WHY SO MUCH? This snow will be a "DRY" snow. It piles up more easily than "wet" snow. Hence the potential for MUCH higher totals. Stay with

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