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Mattermost release v5.30 is now available

> New feature release offers Incident Management out-of-the-box, a new MS Teams meetings plugin, configuration of new administrator roles from the System Console, and improvements to the Matterpoll plugin.

Did you know we have our own CafePress store? There you can purchase a t-shirt, coffee mug, and other great items with the Blog Oklahoma Podcast artwork on them. Just head on over to

Now with our new logo!

Are you an citizen planning to fly soon? You may need REAL ID. Figure out if you need REAL ID and how to get it.

🎁Wallpapers: (thanks @HerveSpitz for the suggestion)

🎁Krita source (3795x2220px):

🎁License: #creativecommons attribution 4.0 international.

Also, I recorded my desktop, a video process is on the way.

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