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Another random thought for the morning.

How many anti-maskers are also anti-vaxxers and how many of them are on Facebook?

Probably all of them. SMH.


Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter removed a COVID-19 video tweeted by Trump due to false coronavirus information β€” but millions had already viewed it

Now I'm wondering how many of them are digging holes all over thier backyard because they were drinking the night they buried the jar.

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Odd thought for the morning. I wonder how many of our southeastern Okie friends put gold coins in a mason jar and buried it in the backyard somewhere.

Well there goes part of my morning. Guess I’ll do any Mac tasks this afternoon.

It's 97 F in DC today. Standing there in the full sun for over an hour in full dress uniform.

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Oh no. One of the honor guard fainted. I hope he's okay. So hot out there today.

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