LibreOffice 6.4.7 is now available – it's the final release of the 6.4 family, and includes over 70 bugfixes and compatibility improvements:

I love getting red hat troll comments over at YouTube. It means they had to listen to at least 1/2 of the episode or clicked on the spoiler link in the show notes. That's a win for me. LOL

I have 16 more days in my Plausible Analytics trial. I went ahead and made the results public for now. So please feel free to look at our unimpressive numbers. HA!!

Will write up my thoughts at the end of the trial. Might make a podcast episode about it, not sure yet.

Wow only 952 more subscribers and 3,979 more watch hours to get our YouTube monetization back. We're on our way. 😏

As Oklahomans enter fall, families are starting to plan for the upcoming holiday season, starting with Halloween. Because some of the traditional ways to celebrate this holiday do not allow for proper social distancing, the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) is providing the following guidance to allow for safe Halloween celebrations:

Anyone else having an issue tagging people in photos with Instagram? I open the tagging dialog, and nothing happens when you tap on the picture. Annoying.


I got a new episode is out. Yeah, I know. I’m surprised too.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 171: Sinus Headache Edition

This episode is going to be a very quick. I’m really not feeling well today. With all the high winds kicking up dust and pollen, I have one serious allergy induced sinus headache going on. ...

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OSSBA COVID-19 Map 10/16/2020

I think I'm not going to post the State COVID-19 map. They won't go to red even when conditions suggest they should.

Google Hangouts Is Officially Biting the Dust

I can still remember the discontent when we had to drop Google Talk for Hangouts.

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