We’ve built a new site to tell you whether or not you are a test subject in Google’s latest tracking experiment. Visit Am I FLoC’ed to see if your browser is putting you into one of their new advertising categories. amifloced.org

Oops got a typo in the poll. Should be Microsoft 365. Sorry about that.

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Need an all the above option. Ha. Mostly using Word and Excel but will often fire up Sheets.

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Which office suite does your office use? If other, please share.

@BalooUriza The 500 character limit setting has been a question since there very beginning. I wouldn't mind seeing 1500. ;-)
REF: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

For those of you who bounce back and forth between Mastodon and Twitter. Don't you just find the character limit at Twitter just so confining now? You'd think 280 would be enough. Nope. Got to squeeze that thought you just typed on Mastodon down to fit. SMH.

Back in the day our family would always stop at a Dairy Queen. Us kids would get a Dilly bar, Dad would get Buster bar, and Mom would get a frozen banana.

What are your favorite memories of Dairy Queen?

Unfortnatly there aren't too many Dairy Queens in Western OK anymore. I think the closest one to Elk City is now Lawton or Woodward.

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Did anyone else see the TV ad for Dairy Queen's new mini biscuits.

Mini Biscuits?? That's just seems so wrong to me. It hits me right in the Southern. Mini Biscuits. O_o What was wrong with the nice buttery Texas Toast?

That would be my go-to whenever we stopped at Dairy Queen in Chickasha, OK for lunch.

The Blog Oklahoma Telegram Channel has been deactivated. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t being used. A big thank you to all who did participate over the last few months. Remember you can always connect with Blog Oklahoma on Mastodon, Twitter, and Reddit.

Telegram is an awesome service. I use it daily for my personal communications, and I encourage you to check it out.

We’re always trying out different services here at Blog Oklahoma. You never know if the next thing will be the thing. Ha!

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