According to the news article several employees have already quit over this.

Good news everyone. There's going to be good manufacturing jobs available in Broken Arrow.

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President Biden Delivers Remarks on his Plan to Stop the Delta Variant & Boost COVID-19 Vaccinations


Just a small reminder we have most Oklahoma news sources listed on our website. Good place to quickly sift through local news.


A update: Since the Mods at r/oklahoma are locking, isolating, and out-right deleting any valid news or open discussions about COVID or anything tangentially related, you may just have to visit r/CoronavirusOklahoma instead.


This Land - Season 2

> The award-winning documentary podcast This Land is back for season 2. Host Rebecca Nagle reports on how the far right is using Native children to attack American Indian tribes and advance a conservative agenda.

Oklahoma City 8th grader, teacher die of COVID, State Supt. Joy Hofmeister says

Students and Teachers are dying. Where is the Governor?

Please for the sake of all, get vaccinated and mask up!


Ivermectin and COVID-19: A medical can of worms

In this day and age we still have to see and make statements like this:

"products are not safe or approved for human use and could cause severe personal injury or death"

Of course, we live in a society where people drank bleach.


Oklahoma Agritourism - With more than 350 venues and destinations featured, there's plenty to fill a weekend getaway or weeklong vacation.

How to Register for a Third Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine
> The additional vaccine should be considered for people with moderate to severe immune compromise due to a medical condition, or receipt of immunosuppressive medications or treatments.


First Oklahoma district defies school mask mandate ban

> Santa Fe South Schools will require mask wearing for all students, staff and guests on Thursday in defiance of a state law that currently bans mask mandates in schools. (


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