After getting my Oklahoma history podcasts to LBRY this is what happens when I search for "Oklahoma"

Well, I was hoping to sync my YouTube channel over to LBRY but they're pulling the same BS YouTube does in regards to follower count.

Stumped for something to write about. Check out our "Random Writing Topic Idea"

Here's a topic idea: "Write about the worst / best customer experience you've ever had."

According to the news article several employees have already quit over this.

Good news everyone. There's going to be good manufacturing jobs available in Broken Arrow.

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A update: Since the Mods at r/oklahoma are locking, isolating, and out-right deleting any valid news or open discussions about COVID or anything tangentially related, you may just have to visit r/CoronavirusOklahoma instead.


How is it you can feel good yesterday, but like crap today.

I think I wrenched my neck yesterday. Which is what's giving me a first-class headache today.


Please excuse me while I go curl up into a small ball in a dark corner somewhere.

Ivermectin and COVID-19: A medical can of worms

In this day and age we still have to see and make statements like this:

"products are not safe or approved for human use and could cause severe personal injury or death"

Of course, we live in a society where people drank bleach.


Oklahoma Agritourism - With more than 350 venues and destinations featured, there's plenty to fill a weekend getaway or weeklong vacation.

Making a final push this week to finish up a script and record an episode. Still haven't gotten to testing my audio equipment with the new PC yet, but should do that Tomorrow (I think).

This morning I had my quarterly checkup and A1C test. We also had a good talk about shingles vaccinations. fun times. 😏

Why do I keep falling down these rabbit holes?

There's even a website to help you find your VIN

I never would have thought to look for a stamped number on the passenger or drivers side footwell.

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