A little morning bird watching on the Elk City live cam. I wonder what kind of birds these are. They are black or dark brown, have a large wing span, and like to ride the air currents.


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The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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Back at the office this morning. Masked up for everyone's safety.
Feeling much better.

It’s been a week. This stuff really wants to linger. I was hoping to be back in the office today, not the case. No energy. Just because, test again, yep still positive.

Really tired of being sick. Thought I was feeling better, then ... nope.

Feeling a little better, but just when I thought I could sit quietly for a few minutes, Covid enters the room, grabs me by the collar, and says, “Who said you could stop coughing?!”

So I’m guessing this is, what, day 3 of being Ill. At home today (obviously). Trying to get work done remotely, but it’s difficult. I’m coughing sore now. Covid is sooo much fun.

Crap! I rolled a 1. Tested positive. Great.
Dry cough and achy, but no fever.

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