Did anyone else see the TV ad for Dairy Queen's new mini biscuits.

Mini Biscuits?? That's just seems so wrong to me. It hits me right in the Southern. Mini Biscuits. O_o What was wrong with the nice buttery Texas Toast?

That would be my go-to whenever we stopped at Dairy Queen in Chickasha, OK for lunch.

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Unfortnatly there aren't too many Dairy Queens in Western OK anymore. I think the closest one to Elk City is now Lawton or Woodward.

@blogoklahoma It's not really a chain that does well here anymore. I can think of only one in metro Tulsa these days

@BalooUriza @blogoklahoma Their steak fingers are delicious, but steak finges alone won't keep them a float. They need Blizzard sales to kick in.

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