Apple’s iOS 15 is available for iPhones and iPads. Here’s what you need to know. - Starting Monday, you can download the latest software on your Apple devices

Oh joy. I was just called and told I was exposed to COVID yesterday at the eye doctors. Fun times.

I'm not sure what the "Most Supported" and "View competing uploads for ..." sections is all about. They trying to gamify videos or something?

And my impeachment video (which is about Oklahoma history) shows up right above a few Trump videos. - figures - 😜

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After getting my Oklahoma history podcasts to LBRY this is what happens when I search for "Oklahoma"

Here's Blog Oklahoma's LBRY.

Still testing out the service. Will be uploading a few episodes of the podcast. (Since I can't YouTube sync).

The data entry is simple enough, but the upload/processes time slow.

LBRY YouTube program
> To qualify, the channel must have over 300 YouTube subscribers and recent, regular, and original content - see requirements and limitations section below for full details.

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Well, I was hoping to sync my YouTube channel over to LBRY but they're pulling the same BS YouTube does in regards to follower count.

Stumped for something to write about. Check out our "Random Writing Topic Idea"

Here's a topic idea: "Write about the worst / best customer experience you've ever had."

According to the news article several employees have already quit over this.

Good news everyone. There's going to be good manufacturing jobs available in Broken Arrow.

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