Together Oklahoma, the grassroots outreach arm of the Oklahoma Policy Institute, invites you to
People Have the Power: Preserving Democracy Through Participation
at 7 PM on Nov. 30.

Well the nice 4 day vacation is over. sigh. Back to work in the morning. 😢

Yes. I turned the Blog Oklahoma Facebook page back on. Did I change my mind about Facebook? Hell, no. It's still not a good place.

Then why? It's where the people are. And the people are in the bad place. Got to do everything we can to get them out of there.

I'm far from done, but here's a sneak preview of the next update of Exploring Oklahoma History.

Finally started work on a refresh of Exploring Oklahoma History this week. Changing it's design to follow what I did for Blog Oklahoma. No ETA on completion. Taking my time with this one.

If you're on Gmail and get the Blog Oklahoma Newsletter you might see a "Be careful with this message" notice.

This is caused by TinyLetter using a different reply email address than blogoklahoma's.

This is a good message to see to be honest. It means Gmail's phishing filters are working.

You can click "Looks safe" to clear the message.

I'll look around TinyLetter's settings to see if I can adjust this.

How to SWITCH from to & StreamElements - Alerts, Overlays | SLOBS to OBS Studio Guide

When the BC Clark Christmas Jingle first aired no one could have predicted that it would become the Oklahoma tradition it is today.

Are you ready for The Jingle, Oklahoma?

We usually first see it during the Macy's Parade broadcast.

Just about done with the work day. Is it really only Tuesday? O_o

I've been running on little sleep. Had a bad case of insomnia last night.

I might change up the format of our new newsletter, and move all the links to the blog instead.

This might help the email seem less spammy by having a bunch of links in it.

Not sure yet though. Will think about it a bit.

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