Coffee Flavored Trello Board

Rebuilt our Trello board. Making an attempt to get better organized.

I think I injured my elbow while working in the backyard a few weekends back. I was using a pole saw to cut some tree limbs.

Pain in my arm is anywhere between a dull muscle ache to a burning bee sting like sensation.

This is not pleasant to say the least.

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Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

Really aggravated my elbow this morning at the doctors office. (They poked and twisted it) Waiting for the IB to kick in so I can get some work done. Typing not that fun at the moment.


Our subreddit is public again. Other Oklahoma subreddits who went dark today should be back soon too.

We went private to stand in solidarity with other Oklahoma subreddits for the protection of women's autonomy across the state and nation. We ask you please reach out to your elected officials to voice your support of women's rights or participate in an organized protest if you are able to do so.

From Oklahoma WIC Program -
If there is a formula shortage in your area and you are struggling to find your baby’s formula, here are some ideas to try. Please remember, it is NOT safe to: make your own formula, dilute formula, add food to the bottle, or switch to other milk (plant or animal based). Check with your baby’s doctor about any questions you may have.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 175: Office Apps
Show Notes:

A little behind on getting the video version up this week. Had to change how I did the video. Used iMovie this go around. So no visualizer.

The Grand Final - AleXa Performs "Wonderland" LIVE | NBC's American Song Contest

I've pulled down Chirpy comments from the podcast website. They just weren't working out as hoped. Will look for another solution.

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