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Put up a small notice in the header on the website.

Nationwide, 37 states have a statewide mask mandate, with Iowa the latest state to put one into effect. In a seven-state region that includes Oklahoma, only it and Missouri are without statewide mask mandates. (from Oklahoma Policy Institute

After 1,600 Deaths and Counting, Mask Mandate Remains Flashpoint in Oklahoma


I sent out email to the current webring members yesterday afternoon with this same notice. If you didn't get your email, check your spam folder. I used Mailchimp for this one-time mailing. I'll be deleting this same emailing list in a few days.

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I am liking the Mailchimp stats. Even shows how many emails bounced.

Soft vs. Hard Bounces:

Sent an email out to all the current Blog Oklahoma web ring members. First time using Mailchip. Not too bad. Will be removing the emailing list a little later. Only using this one time.

Spock: Where is your mask? (We all know what happens next don't we.)

#maskup #covid19 #startrek πŸ˜·πŸ––

That Food Chains map was probably just thrown together by an intern.

Further proof, isn't Carl's Jr west and Hardee's east? Yep.

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This graphic keeps popping up. The last time I checked there were no
in .

or I'd believe.

As COVID cases surge, Stitt cracks down on bars, restaurants

Mandates patron limits in bars and restaurants. Mandates state employees must wear masks.

That's it. Real leadership there.

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