City of Utilities is on holiday trash and recycling pickups this week due to the icy conditions. There is no trash or recycling pickup on Monday, February 15.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is highly discouraging travel today. Dangerous and life-threatening situations are likely to occur should drivers become stranded in the storm.

All Tulsa Transit service has been suspended for Sunday, February 14. Please see for details.

The National Weather Service at has issued a Winter Storm Warning. Please visit for details.

Hey, , you can help make disappear! Everyone who lives in Oklahoma can sign up at

@jollyrogue Feel free to get your profile set up so folks know a bit about you! Welcome!

While you're there, might consider checking your notification settings as well. By default, we don't email you very much at all.

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@tyr Could you check your relay? seems to be an all-bot instance. None seem to have the bot flag raised and it's just twitter mirrors of accounts that tend to fall into the political propaganda and Bitcoin scam categories.

Updated the rules a little to allow people from plus the adjacent areas in , , and .

Hmm, someone signing up with a throwaway gmail account from the netblock with a whois going back to an apartment block in Moscow.

I'm going to click on....decline.

Feeling like the timeline and followers are more than sufficiently primed now, so dropping the louder relays and keeping the smaller, more relevant ones.

That said, wouldn't mind joining a relay of other regional instances.

Toned down the large relays.

Kinda feeling like two of them were entirely too much noise and not enough signal.

Please feel free to report misinformation and conspiracy theories.🚮

I think our Sidekiq queue is caught up after this week's massive traffic spree.

@programwitch Bit of a Sidekiq backlog, probably related to the big number of new fediverse accounts created on other instances the last few days.

I've finally made the leap. I'm ending Blog Oklahoma's presence on Facebook.

Post (on Facebook):

I'll write something for the blog a little later.

Remember, mask requirement starts tonight at 9PM within Tulsa City limits.

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