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Oh god I hope this doesn't sound pro-child marriage, I meant I found the concept absurd at the time, as I do now.

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I found it ridiculous as a child you'd need a license to be legally married.

As an adult it still feels equally absurd. Why does the state police relationships at all? What is there in the public interest for this?

You don't need to win the approval of people who will never like you no matter what you do. It's a waste of time. Don't bother.

very lewd 

Fuck it's very much a "I wanna fuck someone rn" night.

If it sucks, hit the bricks. By which I mean, go to the brick pile, pick up some bricks, and yeet them at the problem.

relationship, mental health 

Realising I'm pretty sure I never loved some of my exes, even the ones I got tore up about. They were often people I wanted to leave but BPD wouldn't let me until it either became intolerable or they dumped me. Though they were sometimes just ultimately FWB or something.

You all ever just be an enby and another enby is into you and you're like "god I just want to be gay with this enby like play Minecraft with them or Factorio or watch TNG reruns"

and IBS

their powers combined...

Behold, the autistic transfemme.

Trans Crowd Funding | Mutual Aid | Begpost | Moving out of Oklahoma 

So the water pump just went on the car ive been fixing up to help us move out of this god forsaken red state and its like $1200 to fix since its inside the engine, and i still have to replace some suspension stuff in the rear thats gonna cost another $400, AND i still need at least two rear tires...

I need this car for gainful employment and to move me and my family out of oklahoma for a place that isnt actively stripping away my right to exist.

Please, if you can spare anything, it would be greatly appreciated. The longer me and my family stay in oklahoma, the higher the risk of one of us getting targeted by facists, directly or indirectly... We're all transgender, and oklahoma is slowly starting to strip away what little protections we have, and we're all afraid things like HRT will be next...

Cashapp: $plausocks

Y'all say you like mutual aid but when it comes time to donate faeces for your comrades to help their bowel conditions I bet most of you won't give a single shit.


Fedi begpost asking for a healthy faecal donor's shit.

health, gross procedure 

If you're curious this involves taking a pill or enema full of someone's carefully screened feces basically.

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health, gross procedure 

I'm considering asking my doctor about a gut flora transplantation. I figure it's worth a shot.

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