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help, urgent 

Hey yall, dont know if you saw the other post but im in seriously an emergency situation and wont have money for next months survival expenses like rent/food/meds. If anyone can please help with anything, it would be the biggest blessing.
Help a trans woman of color out <3

money begpost, gas for work 

The short story is that because we're trans, there was an issue with our background check that caused us to lose 3 weeks of income. We get paid at the end of the week, but we need gas to get home in the morning and it's almost $5 a gallon here. I have about $10 left in our account. If anyone could send us something for gas, I'd really appreciate it. Cashapp in our profile (the tip jar)

ex-posting, journalling 

I intended Alice as a fling initially and I let it grow into something more.

Best friends
Ex-friends to the end
Better off as lovers
And not the other way around

I should have left it at a booty call to Austin... sigh.

healing from narcissistic abuse 

So apparently step one is invariably:

"Cut the narcissist out. Don't try to fix them. Don't try to get them help. Ignore their pleas that they can change. Narcissists rarely seek help and rarely if ever see the problem as themselves. Cut them out. Block them everywhere. Immediately."

Alice and I are incommunicado, so check.

Are there any resources from recovering from a relationship with a narcissist? I'm asking for myself and for a partner.

Apparently a new very large Gardevoir plush is coming out, but won't be available in the US due to an obscure customs rule. Look up "thick Gardevoir rule 34" if you wanna know more.

SSTV S2 Image received on 14.230 MHz USB at 2022-05-18 21:10:00 UTC
#sstv #S2 #14230

maybe a hot trans take 

i kind of hate posts that are like “cis people don’t question their gender so you must be trans” what’s wrong with cis people questioning their gender and/or experimenting and deciding that they are in fact cis. i think cis people should be encouraged to think about their gender. and just bc someone does doesn’t mean they are trans

Are there any resources from recovering from a relationship with a narcissist? I'm asking for myself and for a partner.

We all need a self-care day. Sometimes we need to relax. If you don't feel like getting out of bed, don't. If you need to use the bathroom, just shit the bed. Treat yourself.

absolutely cursed, somewhat lewd 

The Pillsbury Dough Boy's prostate is right under his belly button and he busts every time someone touches it. It's why he goes "woo hoo!" when someone presses it. They just made the Pillsbury Dough Boy nut.

You know you know your roommate too well when you can do a perfect impression of them.

Apparently referring to clearing my nose of snot as "blowing my load" is not "family friendly" smh

New meta just dropped... wait she's also my girlfriend OHHHHHH~ 👉😎👉

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