subpost but not mean 

Someone is shipping me and someone else...

And I just don't see it? idk

Joe many conservatives does it take to change a log by bolb? None , their to busy ???? Women's rights 😂😂😂😂😂😂

some people's moral crusades on this platform have zero understanding of harm reduction, reclamation, or what actually protects people tbh, and they're never willing to engage lol


the founders didn't intend for the constitution to last this long. Thomas Jefferson thought the government would be overthrown every generation. And why should we be worshipping a document written by people who owned slaves or allowed slavery and shat in buckets instead of proper toilets?

someone in #netbsd on irc linked a nightcore track, and the saltiest fucker in #netbsd replied by saying like "I dont think that belongs in this channel"

so one of the channel admins responded by just posting another nightcore track from the related videos

re: lewd-adjacent? 

@Kyresti I'm a switch. >:P *pouts*

I admit sometimes I am a bottom.


Alex and Kassie keep calling me a bottom


how come a lot of people think that vaccines are dangerous but you can drink bleach or drink essential oils or cure cancer with cyanide almonds or other extremely harmful stuff?

@LunaDragofelis Yeah a lot of people don't realise that HRT is heavily gatekept there

And in many countries mandatory surgery is required before they'll change your gender marker

@Elizafox re: gatekeepy doctors: at least there's informed consent HRT at all in America

public transport fares bullshit in Germany 

@Elizafox and public transport is fucking expensive, any journey over 4 bus/tram stops here in Augsburg costs €3.20 if you buy a one-way ticket

a monthly pass subscription valid for the city and the immediate suburbs costs 57,50€/month

the catch? it's not valid for Königsbrunn, the suburb immediately to the south, and I live in the south

so the pass would cost me €86

but as I don't really need to ride before nine, I pay €39.40 for a variant that's only valid after 9AM

also, regional railways consider the scheduled time, not the actual time. Once I had a ticket valid after 9 (this is common for off-peak tickets), and it was already past nine and the delayed previous train came. I boarded it. The fare inspectors gave me a stern talking because the ticket isn't valid on that train because it's scheduled to go before nine. This hostile interpretation of the 9 AM rule is probably buried in some long-ass terms and conditions nobody would think to read BECAUSE THEY WOULD EXPECT A TICKET THAT SAYS VALID AFTER 9 TO BE ACTUALLY VALID AFTER 9

and I got off lucky, me and my mom could've gotten a €60 fine and a criminal record each

basically, expensive, complicated fares, and if you make a mistake while navigating hostilely designed and interpreted terms, you get a fine and a criminal record

There's nothing else to do on the internet but speak. That's why memes are such a big deal. Also why political discussions revolve around speech.

"...shelters say they’re seeing a rise in families who still have steady, even good-paying, jobs but cannot find a home they can afford."

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