sex with a concept, open to die 

I'm absolutely not sorry.

AI generated script of The Mythbusters testing the idiom "I'd rather shit in my hands and clap." 

Too long for a description but here you go.

fake government conspiracy, shit, nsfw, AI generated 

... this sounds too fucking real

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fake government conspiracy, CBT/S&M, nsfw, AI generated 

I... okay.

drugs, weird shit, AI generated story 

Listen, if anywhere would have crude oil-based drugs it would be the oil capital.

drugs, AI generated story 

Why didn't any of you motherfuckers tell me about the Tulsa Drug Mall??? Fuck.

No I don't got any meth and I don't talk to cops anyway fuck off.

lewd telegram group names 


Welcome to Tulsa. This about sums us up.

Oh yeah this won't lead to returns fraud...

If they do this, absolutely do not commit returns fraud, because that would be bad, and it would be near impossible to prove unless you did it constantly or with every item.

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