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Came out as bi: 2007
Came out as polyamorous: 2008
Came out as trans: 2009
Came out as pansexual: 2017
Started HRT: 2018
Came out as non-binary: 2018
Came out as plural: 2019
Came out as demi: 2020
Came out as intersexed: 2021 (out to the public, I've been out to my friends for years)
Came out as grey ace: 2022

It's never too late to figure out who you are. <3

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I care about becoming a better person. I care about self-improvement. If you're gonna judge me for who I was, I don't want you in my circles anyway. Judge me for who I am now, but at least have the decency to tell me what I can do better.

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Hi, I'm Elizafox! I've been on fedi for a very, very long time now.

A good summary of me can be found at

I do lots of stuff with software and hardware. I travel a lot.

Fedi has helped me discover my identity in so many ways I never thought possible. It's also kept me alive more times than I can count. It's also where I met my wife, @violet.

Anyway, feel free to follow, and ask any questions. I don't bite. :3

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my sexuality, pinned post 

What I mean by me being grey ace and demisexual:

I like to do things that don't involve my own genitals with other people. And even then, it has to be a pretty special person.

So I'm aspec, I guess.

But I figured I might as well clear it up for anyone curious, or who looks at me and goes, "wow Elly sure is a horny person." Because I *am* a horny person, I just am not very horny for using the equipment I have.

Monsanto made a song for Disney, including the line "miracles from molecules / in the land, the sea, and air"

They should put that on the US dollar.

Please bonk me upside the head if I refer to COVID as the "meme disease" ever again

We only have ten days before the power's cut off. Please consider boosting or donating on our GoFundMe if you can and wanna help disabled folks, we still need 486€ for it to be paid!

Emergency GoFundMe with explanations:

My PayPal if you prefer:

Thanks for any help!

#mutualaid #transcrowdfund

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"it's just t-shirts and toe fungus"

Complex numbers are all fun and games until someone loses an i. That's when shit gets real.

and here we have a bottom in their natural habitat: discord.


I got COVID a third time. Fffffffffff

Okay, maybe I should ask: Who is the first person to come to mind when I use the phrase "odious billionaire" without further context?

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This shitpost sponsored by e621. Use promo code "feral wolf knot" in the search box for 20% off.

Nonbinary people don’t just “identify” as nonbinary.

We ARE nonbinary.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity ..

Stop talking about doing crimes on Fedi (even shoplifting).

What, you don't think there's cops here 🤦? Of course there are cops here. Cops don't have to tell you they're cops. Fucks sake.

Shows just how little people actually know about how the police work.

nsfw, british people dont read this 

shagged some tricky old bird in the loo at half past noon, feeling proper chuffed, reckon a pint at the pub with the lads might raise my spirits, i do. meet me there where burberry street meets westfordoakbrookshire, just past ol ben. cant miss it. we have colonized and stolen from countless civilizations

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