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My family and I need to get out of Oklahoma. The amount of transphobia here is frightening, and the laws for trans people seem to get worse and worse.

Help a trans family escape to somewhere safe with a support network?

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I care about becoming a better person. I care about self-improvement. If you're gonna judge me for who I was, I don't want you in my circles anyway. Judge me for who I am now, but at least have the decency to tell me what I can do better.

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👾 I'm gonna get rich on the gun accessory market by inventing "starting power" and convincing my enemies it's even better than stopping power because it's clearly faster

Hot take trying to cure autism would destroy society because pretty much anything of value involved an autistic somewhere along the line. No normie is gonna go to school for 12 years to design buildings. Your average normie is like "idk what a tensile strength is, idek what a Facebook is."

tired: get in shape
wired: acquire polygon

when graphics programmers criticize each other’s code that’s called throwing shader

Americans of Italian descent will literally just switch languages on you mid-sentence.

Exploiting communal suffering for personal gain is pretty shit, to be honest.

I mean there are plenty of exceptions but they're exceptions not the rule.

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I've noticed I get along with women a lot better than men in general. It's been this way since I was a kid. Any other trans feminine/demigirls notice this?

PSA If you unfollow me and I see it I will probably unfollow you. I don't feel comfortable with not being mutuals on social media anymore, sorry!

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