@Thomas Also if you haven't seen it, and it's on a platform you have, go for it. I had a lot of fun with it.

@Thomas So far it seems the big movie of the summer of Morbius is actually Rescue Rangers. I couldn't have completely predicted that.

@ducky We haven't always had car culture, though. That's only been A Thing since the 30s and didn't really get into full swing until the 50s.

And I don't mean cycling for leisure, I mean cycling for transportation. And people absolutely should be coming first in the city, cars don't really scale downward to city trips well if you're not moving a lot of stuff. Cars are guests on the public road, hence why you need a license to use a car on them.

@ducky Blame the Republicans for holding back public transportation and cycling for the last century.

Took the day off because mh. Trying to get back in the swing by mapping some highway I see lots of good Mapillary on that I hadn't seen before.

Twitter, OK DWC 

So the Department of Wildlife Conservation woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

@pony The machine that helps you stand clear of the doors during rush hour.

Which sucks more?

@doxxy Usually folks are not too horribly hung up on history unless something goes catastrophic. Plus anytime something gets split or merged, some of the history is getting lost anyway.

@zorinlynx I must have stopped using a paper register 20 years ago...

@rallias Yeah, taking the peanut butter back was my reason for wading into Costco today.

I have never seen a run out of bread, milk and peanut butter before. Is it supposed to snow?

Rescue Rangers 

That was nearly trope overload. More of this visual style and universe but less of the buddy cop drama since between this, Zootopia and Happytime Murders it kinda feels like they've made the same movie 3 times.

Also, how's Butthead at being mayor of Los Angeles?

rescue rangers 

I like how they flat out say they're doing a 48 Hrs but then it's closer to being the Happytime Murders

It usually takes years to make soemthing stick here, and 30 years or so before it's A Thing, with roughly a 90 year lifespan for anything more substantial than a road, railroad or runway.

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This is weirdly representative of Tulsa in general. Clearly a city that peaked years ago (Braniff operated London to Rio service on the Concorde as a launch airline for that plane, and Tulsa International was their main hub and midpoint for the Concorde) and still tries to be modern but fails at being a representative example of anything.

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No, I don't actually buy the local myth that the Center of the Universe is literal. It's not even the address origin of Tulsa, since legally the railroad tracks are Admiral Place on the grid, and everything counts away from Main and Admiral, which puts the Center of the Universe at 100 East Admiral...

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