So, I have a stove and a dryer (both electric and of late 20th century vintage) and a dresser (wood, easily a main bedroom dresser without being overly huge) in my truck right now that I can't get rid of until Monday when the scrapyards open again. The easiest solution for me right now is to see who wants it. Since it's already on the truck, I'll bring it to you within a reasonable distance for free. You unload, I just want it out of my hair.

Guess we're doing the thing again so, it's pretty much as advertised in my profile. Currently been posting a lot about

I would love to see this kind of system anywhere in . Also, for comparison, was the same size as in 1986 when it opened.

Staying in today due to the snow in . Looks like I got plenty to do in the meantime anyway.

Just came in from work. Streets are in Canyonero mode right now, I got home in 4 wheel drive (no getting moving on any uphill slants in 2WD). I wouldn't advise vehicular travel without chains or studded snow tires right now.

Power keeps cutting in and out here in

It's funny how many people in think they'll get there faster by driving fast on the surface streets here. You won't, you can't, the signal coordination is nonextant, it will be red, traffic will catch up to you. Case in point, some jackass in a Sonic whips around and cuts me off on Utica. Gets trapped by the next light. Me, driving normally pulls up behind him, leans out the window, "Hi!" and waves. I did this for the next six lights.

Where I work, we have various photos of streetscapes around on the walls. Just heard a visitor say they must be computer generated because they don't recall seeing those sites ever. Not having the time to show them photos I've personally taken, I just died a little inside.

is playing in tonight finally. Been delayed so many times the had a different name when I bought the tickets.

Let's close a major crosstown bike route so people can do a spin class in the street!

Tulsa Politics 

How about instead of trying to fight the ruling, reach out to the tribes? Like, we're not going anywhere, you're not stealing from us twice, and . Start looking into strengthening ties with the tribe.

Traffic violence 

Another day, another negligent homicide in not getting prosecuted.

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