So, remember when Brookside Baptist Church got kicked out of its parent church over the pastor's extreme homophobia, and thus became just Brookside Church?

Yeah, it's an abandoned building now.

Really wishing I could get an address database for entry into . Or gets OSM's vehicle size and mode features.

Oklahoma Politics 

That's a good look, criticising for assisting families during a pandemic because those families happen to have social lives. But act like giving even more money to for-profit private is OK.

ought to be ashamed of themselves for this classist asshole grade writing.

Sounds like Foggy Bottom Cafe closed permenantly on Saturday in the middle of . Tourist oriented business suspected of criminally fleecing the closed on Sundays or Mondays? And there's a fat check in it for them from the state if they lose money? Yeah, nothing shady there.

Anyrate the state terminated Swadley's on Monday.

Guess we're doing the thing again so, it's pretty much as advertised in my profile. Currently been posting a lot about

OK Politics, Sexual abuse 

goes to prison for paying a teenage boy for sex at a motel and possession of marijuana, both within 1000 feet of a church, which thanks to enhanced penalties he wrote and helped get passed, could have put him away for life.

You know you live in when your recent Nest history has enough different intervals for no usage, heat, cooling and mixed days that it looks like a product demo screenshot.

I would love to see this kind of system anywhere in . Also, for comparison, was the same size as in 1986 when it opened.

Apparently has extended in-state tuition to students from . I'm OK with this (make college free you cowards) but it's still baffling mostly because this state tends to try to play on the world stage (since we have at least one B-list world city) but does everything it can to confirm flyover status typically...

OK Politics, education (+) 

A bill that would have created a scheme to fuck over the public schools by redirecting their funding to private and charter schools on demand turned out to be dead on arrival. Apparently even the deep right field is starting to get sick of the far right's shit.

Just came in from work. Streets are in Canyonero mode right now, I got home in 4 wheel drive (no getting moving on any uphill slants in 2WD). I wouldn't advise vehicular travel without chains or studded snow tires right now.

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