I'm still laughing about lightning striking a toilet over on the south end of the county last night. Never mind it was a great thing that the apartment was vacant but wow...it's still hilarious.

At street level for the first time all day and daaamn, just rolling thunder continuously sounding outside.

21℃ and mostly cloudy with a winter storm warning in effect. Just things...

Man, if it's sunny where you are and you haven't shoveled the snow off your driveways and walks yet, you probably want to do that now while the snow is still mostly powdery and not later when the bottom is a pancake of ice.

Just came in from work. Streets are in Canyonero mode right now, I got home in 4 wheel drive (no getting moving on any uphill slants in 2WD). I wouldn't advise vehicular travel without chains or studded snow tires right now.

I would like to point out that this is the day before the day before an ice storm and bowl game weekend, so you may want to do your groceries tonight.

I washed the truck today. Tonight's storm is therefore my fault. Sorry!

Oof, was 36°c today, supposed to be 37° tomorrow, 38° Friday and 39° on Saturday, but only 32° on Sunday. Guess I mow Sunday...

The weather for the ride into work was awesome today. ☀️ 22°c and a pleasant north breeze.

I bet we get rain today. Certainly humid enough for it.

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