I suddenly get blindsided by a basically perfect movie I was totally unaware was happening.


Politics, right wing gullibility 

It just keeps happening. Man, it's actually funny that conservatives are this gullible.


Furry politics 

Good read about how the fandom got sucked into the right-wing culture war lately.


You know you broke something bad when your hour and a half movie gets a 3 hour response video with "Part 1" included in the title, suggesting 3 hours wasn't enough time...


We were off to a good start to , just all chilling around the campfire on a warm spring evening Thursday before this convention even started.

Guess we're doing the thing again so, it's pretty much as advertised in my profile. Currently been posting a lot about


Stupid that this is even a headline that needs to exist.


Just saw a post with someone attempting to resell adoptable fursonas. Like, bruh, the only people buying these want a fursona but want to phone in phoning in making their own cartoon character.

Maybe the fandom *shouldn't* consider it's de-facto chat standard.

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