Well my G920 decided to fix itself? What the hell? Not arguing with it, kinda burned out on after I crashed into a planet and I haven't played or since Christmas.

Im thinking I'll try it again in a Type 9 Heavy for maximum exploration.

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Failed to reach last night, collided with a high gravity planet about 2300 ly from Gateway. Probably going to try to get in on the current community goal and get some engineering done before attempting again.

Guess we're doing the thing again so, it's pretty much as advertised in my profile. Currently been posting a lot about

Apparently, I'm some kind of idiot for trying to make the trip to in a Type 9 Heavy and a jump distance of 19ly on a good day.

is trolling me now... Community goal I'm reasonably equipped for and I got real world shit to do...

Surprised the Steam stats for show less than 10000 peak concurrency. I'm rather surprised, I'd have figured a 40 year old video game franchise would have a bit more than 10 times that of riders on Tulsa Transit at any given moment...

Heh, I actually followed Vern Fonk into a space station in . I'm pretty sure @tk and maybe some of the folks on Seattle Social or pdx.social might get the reference.

Just played a session in and managed to get about 5 million credits, about 1 million from exploration, a million and a half from bounties, and managed to pick up a 500 cr bounty myself somehow.

I wish there was a way to loan ships to other players in ...

One of those moments that reminds you that is *extremely* , when entering or exiting a mailslot with the green lights to your right and the red flashing lights to your left (so from your perspective, you're operating in righthand traffic) and realizing that literally all of the AI ships ahead of you in line are upside down to your prospective (so they're operating in lefthand traffic)

Had fun playing tonight, got more resources for crafting.

Ever watch trucks go by in ? It's honestly kinda sad, they just go around the same road continuously. Always the latitudinal roads, never traffic on the longitudinal ones. Given the road networks in most stations, really seems like most stations should have the ability to go full UK on given the extensive road grid. Seems like a low-end playability/deadass-broke grind/settle down grind opportunity lost.

Is there a way to either get or to do nonblocking IO? So love having the game just freeze when it decides to load a bunch at once. Kinda feel like really got this right where it's wireframe and untextured objects first (so you can *still play the game* as things load) and textures load in like web browsers in the 90s would (where you could see images increase resolution as they loaded over the connection).

Decided after tonight's session to park well away from anything so as to give the game the best opportunity to load with a decent framerate next time. Guess we'll find out if that pays off.

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