I could really use an cheat sheet by country that let's me know what turns are OK on red and what vehicle combos are OK in which countries. I could probably make one pretty easily for ...

Only 19 more hours until the weekend. Maybe get a convoy going in or with the fedifolk? I'm pretty close to discovering every city in eastern Europe and for some reason everything in Wyoming decided it's not discovered anymore.
@StampedingLonghorn @blumlaut

Been streaming since my wheel works again, and would have kept going but man, cannot power through that pain.

Well my G920 decided to fix itself? What the hell? Not arguing with it, kinda burned out on after I crashed into a planet and I haven't played or since Christmas.

The G29 wheel with it's new power supply is still dead, so I'm probably going to have to take it apart and replace the motors, and if that doesn't fix it, replace the whole controller. Which if that's the case, that's the end of and for me for a while because Thrustmaster just got into the driving controller game and I really don't feel like paying used car/new bicycle/tailored fursuit/GPU money on a game controller right now.

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I really need to upgrade. If anybody starts or completes a load in or convoy, I get the lag rubber band pretty bad.

Oh fun so decided that it wants to completely redo the control scheme from scratch. I imagine this applies to as well...

I honestly don't get how gamers have largely tolerated this bullshit, either. You can't just throw more money at a game and have it come out good. Compare high budget failures to, say, , which despite being a truck simulator, has won the most awards of any game AFAICT. I mean, one of the most replayable games ever evolved out of , which when that hit the arcades seemed like a parody gimmick game...

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I'm gonna play on some servers for the rest of my Friday night

Got into and turned on the truck to hear and I'm like... Whoa... Hootie's "Fairweather Johnson" is an album that is getting covered by shitty mumble bands that are trying to reinvent shoegaze.

That said I basically can't drive on Mt Hood without having a tape with Hootie's Fairweather Johnson on one side and Hanson's Middle of Nowhere on the other.

Wonder if I'll ever encounter the same group of Canadians I met in a while back on a long drive through Germany. That was a really fun trip.

Had to stop playing tonight when I was pulling into a rest area in Sweden and I was unaware the front right corner of the cab was hiding a station wagon. I barely touched the car and I ended up punting it ended up doing a barrel roll mid air just high enough to bend two traffic signs, then bounce off a roadside tree and land on its wheels with roughly the physics of a playground ball.

Ever watch trucks go by in ? It's honestly kinda sad, they just go around the same road continuously. Always the latitudinal roads, never traffic on the longitudinal ones. Given the road networks in most stations, really seems like most stations should have the ability to go full UK on given the extensive road grid. Seems like a low-end playability/deadass-broke grind/settle down grind opportunity lost.

Literally as soon as I turn in some missions in I'm switching to either or beta because I'm tired of restarting.

I'm a 30-something kodiak bear from . I'm a major contributor to data in my region. Also interested in issues, , , , and truck simulators like , and . Socially clumsy, stress and isolation has taken a toll on mental health in the last 2 years.

I think I'm going to be playing some for the rest of the night on Twitch. If you care to watch, I guess tune in at twitch.tv/baloouriza.

Barring some major tech issues or something that makes me ragequit, I'll probably be playing for 2 or 3 hours.

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