Please give feedback about this proposed interchange and ask them where the bike lanes or shoulders through the interchange are, and remind them that cycling on the sidewalk is dangerous, especially in these interchanges.

Great thing about in ? Every has a free air compressor and will let you use the utility sink.

Please make this permanent and do this to the rest of the intersections!

Not sure if no longer useful since default changed or I really didn't pass anyone else on a muggy 32°c commute today.

Voted on the way to work. It was dead. One of the most populated neighborhoods in the city and I was the second person to vote. That and this changed up my route to work which was nice. Felt faster despite being a bit more circuitous.

Turns out the storage place is closed on Sundays now but at least I got a good ride in.

Traffic violence, Gwen Inglis 

Well, this is sad. But we finally found out what it takes to get appropriate charges laid in a collision with a vulnerable road user in the US. All the victim has to do is be a celebrity and die.

Heh, found a sign error. Should say no turn on red except bicycle, thanks to the bike box. Can't turn on red if you're driving because you can't stop in the bicycle box.

Nice, home playing casually turned me into a local legend on one of the steeper streets in the neighborhood.

Sure, St. Louis Ave says it's a 1% grade on that segment, but all 13m of that climb are in one really short block at the south end.

I'm looking at this and I'm pretty sure cyclists were an afterthought with those stop lines in the bicycle left turn lanes. For this to work the way they think it's going to work they need to have motorists yield twice, once for the bicycle and once for the motor vehicle roundabout.

"It is a complete myth that people do not cycle in the winter because of the cold."

Can these come to please? would be so much better if the protected bike lanes didn't stop at every traffic light.

for a stolen moped in , . Not mine but I know how much it sucks to lose a vehicle rather intimately after this year, so let's help a neighbor get their bike back.

Borrowing a photo from Reddit. Here's a good example of bicycle infrastructure to *never* design or install: A salmon lane. These kill people, nobody expects you to be approaching between two lanes going in the opposite direction, especially at driveways and intersections.

Just had my pull request to update bicycle routing to use sidewalks that are not designated for bicycles as a last resort merged.

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