Looking back on it, the sketches "It's Pat" loses its premise in the modern context because now Pat would either introduce themselves with pronouns or someone looking for words would ask what they are. And it wouldn't be considered rude.

@BalooUriza I hate defending It's Pat, since the premise was only good for one sketch, but baked into the premise is Pat thought their presentation so obvious they didn't need to say.

(Or they were messing with absolutely everyone, eg, the joke I liked best: someone asked what Pat was short for and they said Paaaaaaaaaaat.)

Still, yeah, one person introducing themself with pronouns and asking Pat's in turn would short-circuit it all.

@Austin_Dern @BalooUriza It was something which should have been cut. It was tedious to begin with.

Why should anyone have to explain themselves? Ever?

Now, we have more labels for people to get fussy about. (More ways for people to express themselves is good, but people can take them as hard and fast rules that aren’t to be broken. It’s weird the Victorian era stuff we still hold close.)

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