vasectomy realities 🧵 

Time to dispel myths and talk realities, because if you can do this, you should strongly consider it.

I got my vasectomy about 17y ago, and welcome other, more recent stories.

* Got mine through Planned Parenthood. Sliding scale.
* The woman on phone heard I "only" had one kid and did spend 45s asking if I was sure. Then I said I was, and that was that.
* Two Vicodin, and maybe a local? I was awake, then maybe napped?
* Waiting before & after is the longest bit

vasectomy realities 🧵 

* I still ejaculate. My ejaculate didn't notably change in any way, including volume.
* I think they used some sort of tiny clips to close all the snipped and newly-open ends. Every blue moon, they're in an uncomfortable position; a little jiggle sets things right.
* Every partner I ever had after, for 17 years, has acted (somewhat understandably) like they won a contest they hadn't even entered on hearing about it.

vasectomy realities 🧵 

* I don't feel any less manly. I feel LIBERATED. I feel like a recent, clean STI panel (on both sides of the equation) leaves me ready to roll, pretty darn consequence-free.
* My long-term partners were able to stop THEIR birth-control efforts, which made them MUCH happier people. Nothing about uterine birth control is easy or pleasant.

Make a call. Take a day off work. Shirk lifting things for a time. If you look at it right, you're buying a lifetime theme park pass.


@thraeryn Just about died laughing at theme park pass.

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