Try browsing or related to commission an artist instead of wasting time and money on .

Borrowed from @bogswallop

Reposted it to get a proper OCR and tag the correct person.

@BalooUriza @bogswallop That actually makes me want to make an NFT. What do you have to do? Draw something terrible, and I mean terrible, hype it up as unique, and get some retards to buy it?
Is it that easy of a scam?

@MyriadTribulations Mix in some blockchain buzzword stuff and that's effectively it, yeah. Or you can do what that lion NFT cabal did and just put 'em on a website, then take the money and run...

@MyriadTribulations Or just skip the whole thing, do a "YCH" (your character here) auction on FurAffinity and get some repeat business with time.

@BalooUriza Wow, why am I working a job? (sadly I'm not an artist, otherwise the joke would hit harder, because in their case it really is "why am I even putting in this much effort?")

@MyriadTribulations You should see some of the money that popular high-end fursuit labels go for. There's a few artists that have waiting lists years long to sell a couple hundred bucks of fur sewn together for prices I'd need to take out a new car loan to afford.

@BalooUriza @bogswallop I assumed people bought NFTs so they can invest in an appreciating asset not to support artists.

@BalooUriza @bogswallop + Other than that, I refuse to use paypal or proprietary online payment processors so I really can't commission any art even though I would.

@BalooUriza @bogswallop well… as someone who might actually do that, how do artists who are open to commissions tag toots on that topic on mastodon?

Anybody got a answer for @travisfw? I tend to commission artists in the furry community so I have no idea how it works outside that.

@BalooUriza @travisfw
Question for an artist OUTSIDE of the furry community, but who likes to play with artstyles any pointers on how that style is worked out and how to get in to it?

@BalooUriza @bogswallop I find it hilarious that reblogs vastly outnumber replies and favorites.
Based, though.

@Dorkfishie Might check the canonical view of the thread instead of the one on your instance, the favorites are pretty close to the boosts.

@BalooUriza @bogswallop Can confirm. There are talented, competent people out there who will just draw stuff you describe to them in exchange for money, and it's the most amazing thing.

@BalooUriza @bogswallop is nft about art or the hashes that are assigned to the objects?

@nergal It's about scamming people out of money. The bad art is what it's about for the buyer. Nobody gives a shit about the hashes.

@BalooUriza what class of people are being scammed? thought only affluent do nft?

@BalooUriza try getting paid for honest work by affluent persons some time. watch as they nickle-and-dime and undercut you. then listen as they boast of that splendid purchase of a vanity they spent on. something that depends on your work to function.

does it matter? who is getting grifted? would they heed your warning? of course, class matters!

i would never be grifted by nft. i cannot afford that clique.

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