disappointing that the discourse is gonna become "should we take guns out of movies" and not "is it wrong to hire untrained scab labor and make people work 14 hour days with no pay until they're tired and reckless"

We are living through a moment where all the cracks in the labor market are showing and people are starting to realize it's not just their job or their boss that's making them miserable, and there's a concerted effort not to explore any of this

@InternetEh guns aren't the only safety risk on movie sets; as you mention there's far worse such as unpaid internships (as much of a problem in UK/Europe even if we have greater safety rules), and because its a "dream career" people were putting up with far more toxicity than something like an office job or working in a factory..

@vfrmedia I'm reminded of when Jeremy Clarkson punched his producer after they didn't provide a meal and he had been performing pretty much every waking minute that day. Sure, Clarkson said some things that he shouldn't have in a heat of hanger but, christ on fire, performers shouldn't be pushed to that point to start with.



@vfrmedia I also think it's pretty bad that that everyone focused on Clarkson punching his producer and calling him a "lazy Irish fuck" like it was a race thing and not the part where it was the evening, he just learned he wasn't getting food, and had been working and sleeping without food since the morning of the previous day. @InternetEh

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