@BalooUriza new cars tend to have larger wheels and rims than old cars, which throws the proportions off imo. also grilles have gotten HUGE

@max @BalooUriza I don't like that big grill look where it's like a wide gaping mouth. Then again, I think most new cars look weird until I can get used to them.

@max @BalooUriza It’s kind of been canceled out by now chunky newer cars are. Of course, everyone buys CUVs these, so non-issue? πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

The last gen Caymen had way too much wheel, and it looked like a real Hot Wheels car.

@max Yeah, the aggressive front ends and low profile tires are kinda meh. I especially don't like low profile tires because the ride quality is fucking awful.

@BalooUriza My favorite type of look for a car is the Lamborghini Gallardo or a ricer.

@BalooUriza @StampedingLonghorn Toyota fell down the stairs hard. The Toyota sea creature aesthetic is weird, and the Lexus edginess is very hip to be square.

Still much better then how cheap and unstyled Tesla’s look.

@BalooUriza @StampedingLonghorn I think I have to nominate the new BMWs for the worst use of a grill. The giant double kidneys doesn’t work. I understand it’s a throw back to the early BMWs, but it’s not good.

@jollyrogue @BalooUriza Hondas aren't too bad yet, except for the back. Why are there giant grills in the rear on the lower sides? It's not a Volkswagen Beetle.

@StampedingLonghorn I'm high key into late 80s/early 90s GM's designs. I feel like DMC really went deep in the GM parts bin with the DeLorean.

@BalooUriza I liked the Japanese cars of that time. They were starting to get a curved look to their designs. My parents had a 1990 Suzuki Swift. Despite being an economy car, it was one of the first vehicles of that time to go curvy.

@StampedingLonghorn @BalooUriza
My first car was a Chevrolet Sprint 1990! It was a rebadged Swift, but the 1.2 L inline four engine was replaced with a 1.0 L 3-cylinder! On extremely cold winter mornings, it seemed only two out of the three cylinders would start...
It's like cars need to look mean and evil now. The more oddly shaped headlights and rear lights are, the better. Scythe-shaped? Check! (Looking at you, Toyota)

Why do they have to look intimidating? It's Stephen King's Christine all across the board. I wonder if it has a subconscious negative effect on courtesy on the road.

Also let's throw two completely separate sets of rearlights on those SUVs, right! There's so much empty space to fill. 🀦

I look at how seventies cars looked, European, American and Japanese cars looked awesome. Even the Chevrolet Vega looked ok! Well, all AMC cars looked terrible. πŸ˜‰

@normand Basically the era in American and British automotive history from about early 70s through to about 1985, give or take a few years depending on make, with Olds and Caddy dragging it out as late as 1993. Huge, expensive, cheaply built personal luxury gas guzzlers.

Some egregious lowlights was the 72 hp Caprice and really everything about the Morris Marina.

I know this period wasn't great, but I was only talking about the styling of a few cars from that era, not about all of those sold at the time, nor their size or fuel consumption. Not to mention they rusted fast as hell!
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