I made the mistake of going on #Twitter recently so I could check whether a certain software dev team had made a statement regarding a bug in a recent release.

It took five minutes to load the page. FIVE MINUTES.

Granted I have a slow computer, so whatever, but how sad is it that the #Fediverse, an open-source project run largely by hobbyists, has a more efficient and stable web interface than the LARGEST SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM IN THE WORLD?


@swashberry If you search for a twitter handle and add @beta.birdsite.live to it, you can follow the public posts of that handle in the fedi.

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Well don't get too excited. It says on their website that the API is rate-limited, so if too many people access it the bridge will be forced to slow down. As they say, "the code doesn't scale, and that's by design."


@swashberry Ya'll are leading me onto a rollercoaster of emotions.... :)

@swashberry Sure, but if people are following the same folks, it's not like that's going to make additional API hits.

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