It's weird to me that people don't openly talk about how Elon musk is a fraud when he's done stuff like the child submarines, the plan for fixing traffic by turning the ground under cities into swiss cheese, and the cars that have the hardware for autonomous driving "already installed." They're not even good lies.

I'm guessing it's because he's one of the richest people in the world (depending on how successfully he's juiced his stock via Twitter) and the legally actionable word "fraud" isn't good to throw around when people have money and time

As others have pointed out, more Elon scams:
The Covid ventilation machines that don't work and actually spray particles around, the expensive and inefficient pneumatic tube system, the rockets that continually explode on the launchpads, the plan to clutter up space with an astonishing amount of junk satellites. It just goes on and on.

@InternetEh Electric cars which have the build quality of a '96 Chevrolet Cobolt. He bought Tesla, so I'm not sure that really counts.

He mostly exists to get fat off of government contracts.

@jollyrogue @InternetEh I'd argue that the Cobalt has a better build quality. You don't find bodged shit from Home Depot in a factory-new Cobalt and they can actually get the panel gaps straight.

@BalooUriza @InternetEh That’s pretty bad when ‘90s GM has higher initial quality.


@jollyrogue 90s GM was actually pretty decent. 2000s GM? The Cobalt was a high point.

@BalooUriza @InternetEh GM stuff disintegrated pretty quickly. Their drive trains were solid, but the rest of the car did not last.

I liked the Cruze, and it’s Buick rebadge. All the the GM Korea/Diahatsu stuff was really decent.

Their full sized trucks were really good. Much better then Ford.

GM quality gets hosed by the C-suite quite often. It really depends if the person in charge has a clue.

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