I'm looking at this and I'm pretty sure cyclists were an afterthought with those stop lines in the bicycle left turn lanes. For this to work the way they think it's going to work they need to have motorists yield twice, once for the bicycle and once for the motor vehicle roundabout.


It sure does look that way. For a bicycle making a right turn, they have to yield twice to pedestrians. For a left turn, yield twice plus a stop.

Well now that I'm looking at this game of rock, paper, and scissors deeper, cars only yield to other cars within the roundabout, bicycles yield to cars and peds, and peds don't yield at all.


@StampedingLonghorn Yeah, this is a half baked traffic supercollider. Apparently this is at the bottom of a long hill for traffic coming from the right, so to continue straight, cyclists would need to make a right, stop, turn sharp left, turn sharp left again and then turn right. Or change lanes and potentially only have to slow down slightly on the main roundabout.

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