"linux wi-fi drivers suck, you should use windows it just works"


MS doesn't even include USB-Drivers on their Install-ISOs.... What can u expect from a Keyboard manufacturer. I mean hell yeah, they're good with keyboards.


@nvi @haskal

Linux: Plug keyboard in. It just works™.

Windows: Plug keyboard in. Wait five minutes while it checks Windows Update for a driver, and wait for it to install that driver. Unless your keyboard is extremely basic, this will fail, so now you have to find another keyboard or use the on screen keyboard to find a driver.

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@nvi @haskal Also Windows: Repeat this process all over again if you accidentally unplug the keyboard and don't plug it back into the same port, because apparently Windows thinks it's a completely different device requiring another copy of the drivers now.

@BalooUriza @nvi @haskal Does the Window driver model check for the clock? Because, I'm going to talk about a very old Windows (98).

For some reason one PC everytime I unplug it for a long time and the plug it again and adjust the clock correctly (CMOS battery is wasted I think), Windows FORGETS the USB drivers even if it's in the same port. So I have to restart the PC to plug a shitty PS/2 mouse.

@Genstar @nvi @haskal You have to restart to connect AT, XT, Logitech Bus or PS/2 keyboards and mice because the hardware detection for those systems only occurs during POST. There's no way to connect those devices while powered on regardless of operating system.

@BalooUriza @nvi @haskal I know, what I am complaining about is if is it as slightly as the power of the clock goes out, Win98 automatically forgets those USB drivers.

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