"It is a complete myth that people do not cycle in the winter because of the cold."

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@BalooUriza I thought it was because of ice.

@jollyrogue Nope. Ice is easy to deal with. Here the Riverparks Authority clears the two busiest cycleways usually before the city really gets the streets clear. But more importantly, if you have discs or drums, you can run some zipties around your tire and rim for chains. This doesn't work for bikes that have rim brakes or low pressure tires very well, and you still want to take those turns gentle, but it's a lot grippier than nothing. @jollyrogue Using burlap to wrap before adding the zipties can give a little extra grip

@BalooUriza @RoadGeek @bicycling
That proves once again that it's all about the infrastructure.

I've always wondered what it would be like having your backdoor exit out to a bicycle/ped path, like your front door exits to the street.

@StampedingLonghorn I had that, quite literally, at my first apartment in , . Not *super* great though, since it was a multiuse path and not a proper cycleway, so traffic wasn't particularly well organized, most were narrower than a typical single, one-way bicycle lane in the region now, and collissions between people either not paying attention or ignoring priority signs was something I saw weekly on that system. And it was impassable in very wet weather.

@StampedingLonghorn But, on the other paw, being able to bicycle directly from my apartment parking lot into the Albertson's/Arby's parking lot, both of which had direct ramps onto the Fanno Creek Trail or one of its feeder paths, was nice.

Looking on the map, it doesn't seem that there's been any attempts to improve that into a proper connection, just leaving it kinda substandard and hoping it doesn't get used...

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It's almost a successful problem to have too much usage.

You're lucky if you even see people using sidewalks in the suburbs of Austin. The infrastructure for veloways were just unpractical. There were a few nice, sparse trails, more open each year, but unlikely that you'd be able to bike to work safely.

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