Can these come to please? would be so much better if the protected bike lanes didn't stop at every traffic light.

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This intersection has not fully gone Dutch as the article implies. There's no bicycle light for one. The Dutch have a more complex but more efficient way of handling traffic at an intersection.

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@StampedingLonghorn Probably something to do with the US having right turn on red long past that rule's usefulness. We're not great about dropping rules when no longer useful, see also Daylight Saving Time

There are many places where right turns on red are illegal (a lot in PA). If it's about that, they can just stick a sign on there.

I think DST hurts Texas more than helps. When I lived in Austin, zenith didn't happen until 1:30p. Everybody is coming home during the hottest part of the day. Everyone's A/C cranks up at the worst time. People are in bed by the time it cools down.

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