Biden politics 

Nobody is asking for or wants you to reach out to conservatives, ! Try reaching out and listening to progressives for once!

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Biden politics 

@BalooUriza So far he's only been reaching out to the far extremist left. The left don't even want to listen to his chronic bullshit. The majority of Americans, even black Americans, don't want to defund the police.

There are millions and millions of conservatives. They're a lot of good people too. I'm mostly right of center these days myself.

Politicians should listen and address the needs of all.

If you see the world as you are right and they are wrong, you're the problem.

Biden politics 

@battlepenguin At no point has Biden reached out to the middle or left. He's been only exclusively working with people who are as or more conservative than himself.

Biden politics 

@BalooUriza He's literally said he'd allow puberty blockers for children without parental consent. That's arguably a far-left/radical-left issue; pretty big one too.

Biden politics 

@battlepenguin That's... Actually a pretty middle of the road thing in most of the developed world these days. Only the right wing thinks that's radical anymore.

Biden politics 

@BalooUriza No. It's not. You are out of touch with America my friend. There are a TON of Americans that take issue with pumping our kids full of drugs WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT.

That's not a middle of the road issue. That is totally a hard-left issue. Abigail Shrier has faced massive backlash & death threats for her book Irreversible Damage. That's not the right doing that. That's the left with their death threats

Deborah Soh is another researcher with grave concerns in this area

Biden politics 

@battlepenguin Transphobia is not an American value. Transphobia is anti-American.

you should definitely not be asking this 

@BalooUriza there is zero chance he will listen anyway.

People will have to demand it.

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