I get this outlet has a history against the Chinese government. It's still funny how consistently they call #COVID19 the CCP Virus. XD
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β™² @RiggedSys@social.quodverum.com:

And they expect us to believe rigging the election isnt something they would do.


@likho Not sure I'd call Epoch Times anything other than right-wing and on the fringes.

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@likho @BalooUriza Most reporting on Donald Trump is polarized. It's not really something I can do about.

US Politics 

@likho Honestly MSM hasn't been unfair to Trump. My point was expecting a really right wing rag to say anything even slightly critical about Trump is a pipe dream.

@likho @BalooUriza My trust in news media (or most things) tends to decrease the more corporate it is. The case hasn't changed for politics and Trump.

@likho That's fair, though as far as quality is concerned you can do a lot better than a church newsletter.

@likho @BalooUriza I don't have a strong idea of what Falun Gong is, or if they hold "church sessions". I'd much rather prefer news reporting being dominated by nonprofits or NFPs (plenty of quality from non-corporate culture).
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