The 80’s were weird, two of the most popular home computers were made by leather companies

@RobinHood Since other interesting prehistory bits have come up in this thread, a bit of "where are they now?"

Williams Electronics, as they were called when hits like Joust, Robotron, and Defender hit the arcades was originally known as Williams Manufacturing. They started as a pinball company and continued after the stopped making arcade games. In the late 90s they rebranded as WMS gaming and focused on making physical and digital slot machines.

They have since been bought by Scientific Gaming.

@BalooUriza Yep. I worked there when they were doing "blackbird", which was basically making a linux based slot machine. The warehouse had a bunch of crazy ass shit.

I also had a brief moment of glory in which I was the admin of and had access to every ROM for every Williams pinball machine made. They kept them there for field service techs.

I am an idiot for not keeping an "offsite backup" of that shit.

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