Did you know you can silence or suspend individual accounts without affecting nonshitty actors on an instance?

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ok so what do you do when the shitty actors of an instance are the moderators and/or administrators of that instance

@mawr I get the trick question you're trying to pull, but cancelling half a million people wholesale isn't the solution.

@BalooUriza Yes, it is

If the half a million people want to stay on an instance with abusive admins and moderation staff that are unwilling to either step down or submit to reform, that's their problem and certainly not mine.

@mawr I think you're making some false assumptions about the moderation in question is done entirely or primarily by a single person, or what yoy you think they said is a reflection on their ability to moderate. But, even assuming that, going nuclear on a whole instance is a ridiculously over the top response that really should be reserved for fascist hivemind instances.

When the developers of Mastodon and the Fediverse only give you two tools to deal with instance-level harassment, and one of those tools does not stop the harassment, you really only have one tool.

"The culture of any organization is defined by the worst behavior its leaders will put up with"

I will not allow the culture of my instance to be defined by instance-level bad actors; letting that go unchecked only breeds more of the same.

@BalooUriza suspending an account doesn't do any of the useful things that blocking it does

it literally just deletes incoming data about the account. it's a silence with extra desynchronization.

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