How many people remember that is a thing? If you're or playing Go, you might consider adding StreetComplete to the mix to help improve while you're at it!

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@BalooUriza And now that F-Droid finally built version 22.3, it's even a working thing! I'm a bit disappointed that a release that specifically fixed bugs for F-Droid took a month to be added.


you could add links though as a prerequirement for #StreetComplete for #geocaching for #Pokemon for #OpenStreetMap

and yeah, that's a lot of links, but maybe people don't want to search for apps on their own. Perhaps someone should make a bot that searches hashtags like these and adds links to them, along with required F-Droid repositories?

@BalooUriza I have been having trouble with #StreetComplete lately. It won't let me log in :(

@BalooUriza well ain't this embarrassing... As soon as I turned off my carrier's built in VPN it worked. I should have tried that first DOH

@BalooUriza it's been getting even better! The guy who works on it got a grant to gamify it more and iron out bugs. It's prettt darn good atm. I spin it up every once in a while.

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